4 Signs it’s Time for a Larger Work Truck

You rely on your work truck every day and it is a workhorse. This baby is your baby, and you’ve driven it for years. Lately, however, you’re work has increased substantially, and you find yourself doing the things listed below to get through the day. Here’s the problem: The things listed below are bad for your truck, and even though United Diesel Repair can fix it, it might be prudent to get a larger vehicle.

You’re Overloading It

Overloading your work truck means you don’t have enough room for the materials you haul. Overloading your work truck can also damage the suspension, tires, and cause undue stress on the engine. All vehicles, whether personal or commercial, have maximum weight capacities, and you should never overload your work truck past its weight limit, especially on a daily basis.

You’ve Noticed Performance Issues

As we just mentioned, engine lag is a common performance issue on a vehicle that is overloaded. You might notice the engine is slowing down and struggling when you tow things. It might also lag when you drive on steep terrain. If you maintain your work truck and it has a clean bill of health from your mechanic, the problem is likely too much towing, trailer, or truck bed weight.

You’ve Run Out of Room

Overloading your vehicle to prevent running out of room is bad for your work truck. You may have also run out of room for your tools and toolboxes. The more you add to your tool collection the more room you take up, especially if you add specialized tools that take up a ton of space. Stuffing your tools into the work truck bed adds too much weight and can damage them.

You Have to Make Multiple Trips

Finally, if you find it takes more trips than necessary to haul stuff to and from a construction site, a storage facility, or other location, you probably need a larger truck so you can haul more stuff at one time. Think about the gas expense you incur making multiple trips throughout the day. Purchasing a larger truck will likely save you money in the end, i.e. it will pay for itself.

United Diesel Repair in Flowery Branch, GA, can service and repair your old truck and new, larger work truck. We are diesel maintenance and repair specialists, so give us a call to discuss your auto service needs at 770-967-8333. We’d be happy to help keep your work trucks safe and reliable.

Photo by Jupiterimages from Photo Images via Canva Pro