Four Signs You Need Your Diesel’s AC Serviced

It doesn’t matter what type of diesel you drive – a car, truck, or big rig – you want cold air in the cabin when it’s hot outside. If that isn’t happening, you’re in for a long, humid, uncomfortable summer. United Diesel Repair can service and repair your vehicle’s air-conditioning system. Here are four signs that tell you that you need to bring it in for a checkup to see what’s going on with the air conditioner.

Hot Air Is Blowing Through the Vents

If you cannot remember the last time you had an AC service, you probably need a refrigerant charge. A sign that you have low refrigerant is hot air blowing out of the vents. The refrigerant cools the air as it circulates through the AC system, and then that cold air is pushed into the vehicle’s cabin through the vents. If the refrigerant is low because it is leaking, you won’t feel cold air coming through the vents.

Your Vents Aren’t Blowing Air 

The problem with your diesel’s air conditioner system might not be in the diesel AC system itself. Rather, you might have an electrical problem or a clogged air filter or intake vents. For example, if the blower motor or blower resister isn’t working, you won’t get any air coming through your vents. You also won’t feel air if the air filter or air intake is clogged or you have a problem with the ventilation’s belts or hoses.

The Air Isn’t Cold Enough

Maybe you are getting cold air blowing through your vents, so issues one and two listed above don’t apply. Here’s a question to ask yourself, however: Is the air as cold as it normally is? If you answer no or even have to contemplate that question for a moment, you probably need the AC system refrigerant checked. Even when the refrigerant is low, it will still produce cool air but not as cold as normal.

Musty Smells and Wet Floorboards

Finally, annual automobile AC service is important to make certain you don’t have bacteria growing inside the system. You should not notice strange odors when you turn on the AC. If you do, you probably have some bacteria in the AC or ventilation somewhere. Another component of the diesel AC system, the evaporator coil, can leak, and if it does, it will likely do so on your vehicle’s floorboards. 

It’s not too late to let United Diesel in Flowery Branch, GA, inspect your vehicle’s air-conditioning system. Call us today to schedule an AC service.

Photo by Vitpho from Getty Images via Canva Pro