4 Signs Your Power Steering Pump Might Be Failing

Power steering was just a dream when cars first became a reality, but it’s a standard feature on vehicles now. Power steering helps you to control the car more easily and ensures that you’re able to park more easily. Any time you’re driving at low speeds and you’re not fighting the wheel of your car, you can thank your power steering. So when your power steering pump fails, that causes big problems. United Diesel wants to help you spot the signs that your power steering pump might be going out on you.

Steering Is Sluggish

One of the first signs you might notice with a failing power steering pump is that your steering is sluggish. You might find you’re having to turn the wheel farther to get it to respond. This can happen gradually, so it’s not until the problem gets pretty obvious that most people start to notice this one.

Noises When You Turn the Steering Wheel

When you do turn the wheel, you might also notice that you’ve got some extra sounds going on. There might be a whining or groaning sound when you turn the wheel and when it comes back to center. Groaning or grinding sounds might be an indication that there is too little or even no power steering fluid left in the reservoir, which can mean you’ve got a leak somewhere.

Squealing Sounds When You Start the Vehicle

You might think that power steering has little or nothing to do with starting up your vehicle, but it truly does. This happens because the power steering pump gets moving again, like all the parts of your car’s engine, when you start it up. A failing power steering pump isn’t operating the way that it needs to be and it’s going to make some noises to let you know it isn’t happy.

A Red Puddle Under the Vehicle

Any time you find a puddle of any color under your vehicle that means you’ve got some investigating to do. But if you happen to notice a red or reddish-brown puddle under your car, that is a big indication that your power steering system is leaking fluid. That leak could be coming from the pump itself or from any of the connecting hoses. 

Having your steering go out on you is definitely not a safe way to be driving. United Diesel in Flowery Branch, GA, can sort out your power steering pump problems for you. Just give us a call at 770-967-8333 and we can set up an appointment for you.