Call for a Tow in These Circumstances

It might be tempting to push your diesel forward even though it’s clearly having trouble, but sometimes it’s dangerous to keep driving. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight schedule or on your way to a job site, we here at United Diesel Repair cannot overstate the fact that taking chances could mean diesel engine damage, which ends up costing you more money than if you just pull the vehicle over, shut it off, and call for a tow truck to tow you to a diesel service specialist. It’s best to call for a tow when…

Your Vehicle Is Overheating

Diesel engines are built to withstand a lot more heat than gasoline engines can take, but they can still overheat. When they do, there’s serious trouble brewing underneath the hood. If you keep pushing your overheating diesel engine, you risk total engine failure. It’s better to find a safe place to park the diesel and wait for a tow truck or roadside automotive service assistance. Too hot is bad – always.

The Brakes Feel, Sound, or Smell Strange

You don’t need us to tell you that losing your brakes spells disaster no matter what. Even if you can stop successfully without harming anyone, the damage is done. You know how the brakes feel in your automobile, whether it’s a car, truck, or semi, and if something feels off, it’s best to stop and have the vehicle towed. Strange sounds and burning smells also indicate brake trouble, especially burning smells.

The Transmission Isn’t Shifting Properly

This problem can become a huge headache if you keep driving your vehicle. Whether automatic or manual, the transmission is made up of a ton of parts. If any of these parts are failing, or if the transmission fluid is low and/or dirty, you will notice issues such as the gears grinding, slipping, or stalling. If you push your automobile you’ll damage the transmission, and this is an expensive repair.

You’ve Got a Ton of Unusual Exhaust

Finally, even a semi-truck shouldn’t have a ton of black, blue, or white exhaust coming out of the pipes and if you notice excess exhaust, pull over and stop your engine. Three things could be going on. One, your vehicle could be burning too much fuel. Two, the vehicle could be burning oil. Three, the vehicle could be burning coolant. All of these things are bad and you can ruin your engine if you keep driving.

If you break down in Flowery Branch, GA, call United Diesel Repair for a tow. We are diesel engine experts and we’ll tow you to our shop and find out what’s wrong.

Photo by Nejron from Canva Pro