Check Engine Light Diagnostics to Get to the Bottom of the Problem Quickly

Your driving to the job site in your work truck and you’re already running late. Thank goodness you can rely on your diesel engine to get you where you need to go quickly and efficiently. You grab your coffee from the cup holder and take a swig; you shouldn’t have stayed up as late as you did last night. You hear a ding as place the coffee back in the cup holder. You look at your dashboard. The “Check Engine” light is on. Why? You head to United Diesel Repair for a diagnostic check. Here’s why.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic Test

The check engine light is a funky little light that can be oversensitive at times. It might have illuminated because you have a serious problem, or it could’ve turned on because you didn’t screw the gas cap on tightly after you filled up the truck this morning. A check engine light diagnostic test looks at specific systems known to trigger a check engine warning for problems. In other words, it scans for

  • Catalytic converter issues
  • Electrical system problems
  • Fuel system pressure loss
  • Mass airflow sensor failure
  • Oxygen sensor failure
  • Spark plug misfires or wear

The systems the check engine light diagnostic test checks include the electrical, exhaust, fuel, and ignition systems. Oftentimes, one of these systems sends the main computer on the work truck a warning that one of the above-bulleted items is happening or has occurred. For example, if your oxygen sensor is going bad, the exhaust system will trigger a check engine light warning.

Other Diagnostic Checks for Your Diesel Truck

You might also have an issue with other dashboard warning lights and computer diagnostics can help. Vehicles today are equipped with a dashboard that has enough lights to compete with your holiday decorations. Everything is covered by a light or the check engine light from the airbags to the tire pressure. If one of these lights comes on, we can run diagnostics to find out why.

This includes your tire pressure monitoring system. Sometimes, the light comes on because the tire pressure is genuinely low; other times, it comes on for what appears to be the fun of it. You rely on your warning lights to alert you when something is genuinely wrong, and we can test the lights to make sure they’re reporting problems accurately using computer diagnostics.

Call United Diesel Repair in Flowery Branch, GA, 770-967-8333 if your check engine or other dashboard warning light has come on. We’ll get to the bottom of it.