Keep Your Fleet Vehicles Safe With Preventative Brake System Maintenance

We don’t mean to frighten you but imagine one of your fleet vehicles causes an automobile accident because the brakes failed. What would you do? What would your insurance company do? What if the other parties involved in the accident decided to sue you? If you are faithful about preventative brake maintenance, you may never have to answer those questions. United Diesel can help.

Brake System Safety

You don’t need us to tell you how important a functioning brake system is; it’s one of the most important safety features on moving vehicles. Automotive technology works tirelessly to improve vehicle braking, with the latest innovations to be self-braking automobiles in the event of driver error. And we all thought anti-lock brakes were unbelievable when they came out! Your fleet drivers rely on their vehicles’ brakes to ensure they stay safe on the road, which is why you need them maintained on a schedule that not only meets the manufacturer’s expectations but also your vehicle driving conditions.

Customized Brake Maintenance

United Diesel will take into account numerous factors to design a customized preventative maintenance schedule for each of your fleet vehicle’s brake systems. Things we consider include

  • Manufacturer recommendations
  • Driving conditions
  • Vehicle age
  • Brake pad wear percentage
  • Vehicle weight
  • Load weight (if applicable)

It isn’t just about manufacturer recommendations. Your vehicles’ brake systems may need parts sooner than their recommended milestones because your drivers are constantly stuck in stop-and-go traffic or they haul loads down steep inclines. Driving conditions can directly affect brake system safety, and the brakes must be maintained to account for the added stress.

All Brake Types

Brake systems change with the times, and you may have a fleet of older and newer vehicles that have different brake systems on them. Make certain to work with a mechanic that handles all types of brake systems, including anti-lock, disc, and drum brakes. The mechanic should be able to maintain, repair, and replace these systems so you can take all of your fleet vehicles to one shop. Better yet, look for a mechanic that can maintain every aspect of your fleet, including engines, suspensions, and tires.

You guessed it. Located in Flowery Branch, GA, United Diesel is that automotive service shop. We are diesel engine experts and we’d be happy to maintain the brake systems on your fleet vehicles. You can call us today. We’d be happy to discuss our fleet auto services with you.