Reasons to Call a Tow Truck

United Diesel offers 24-hour towing services because we understand that a breakdown doesn’t book an appointment with you. You might need a tow anytime day or night, and there are times that you should call for a tow even if you think it’s okay to drive on. Here are the reasons when you should call for a tow truck and, trust us, getting towed rather than driving alone is safer for you and your car.

Overheating Engine

It’s okay to pull over, let the engine cool down, add coolant, and move on, right? Wrong. Your engine could be overheating because you have a radiator problem, or it could be overheating because of a fuel pump issue. Overheating while driving is dangerous and, yes, your car, truck, or SUV could get hot enough to catch fire. Don’t drive with an overheating engine. Call for a tow to an auto service shop.


Don’t thank Captain Obvious just yet. You might think your vehicle is okay after a minor fender-bender but there could be underlying damage of which you are not aware. Obviously, if you’ve been in a serious accident you’ll need a tow truck and, for the record, we hope you are never in an accident at all. Still, call for a tow no matter what. The driver can determine if your vehicle is safe to drive and if not, tow it.

No Gas

If you ran out of gas and are within a few miles of a service station, you can call roadside assistance for a gallon of petrol. If you ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, however, you’ll need a tow to the nearest gas station. Depending on your automobile’s gas mileage, you may need a tow even if there’s a service station about 15 to 20 miles away. Don’t run out of gas only to run out of gas again.

Flat Tire

Have you ever had a flat tire only to open your trunk and see that your spare is flat, too? Yeah, that is cause for a few choice words. You can call for a tow if this happens, but you may also need to call for a tow if you don’t have a spare. If you bought a used car, it may not be equipped with a tire jack, lug wrench, or spare tire, so embarrassing as it might be, you may have to call for a tow if you have a flat.


Aside from overheating, your vehicle may break down for any number of reasons. For example, your onboard computer chip may malfunction and this will stop your engine cold. You won’t be able to get the engine started again. No matter the reason for breaking down, it’s best to call for a tow truck to have your vehicle towed to an auto service shop. You don’t want to drive it and cause further damage.

If you are in Flowery Branch, GA, call United Diesel at 770-967-8333 for a tow.