Should You Convert to a Diesel Engine?

If you aren’t getting enough power, towing capability, and fuel economy out of your gasoline engine, it might be time to convert it to a diesel engine. United Diesel Repair can help you determine if this is the appropriate step to take to get more out of your truck. We can assess the existing engine and convert it to diesel if needed. Here are the reasons why you should consider the conversion.

Better Efficiency

The reason why you see big rigs and large trucks with diesel engines is that they operate more efficiently under tough conditions, such as hauling heavy loads and equipment, than gasoline engines do. Diesel engines have a compression-ignition system that creates more energy by generating greater heat. This means your diesel truck is more powerful without overheating yet uses less fuel to generate that power.

Better Durability

Naturally, the engines are built to withstand the heat they produce, which means they’ll last longer than a gasoline engine because they are more durable. You need to keep your diesel engine maintained just as would a gasoline engine to extend their life, but you can expect a longer lifespan overall if you do. These engines are like Timex watches. Do you remember their advertising? They “take a licking and keep on ticking.”

Better Torque

The two previous reasons for converting to diesel create this one. Diesel engines are designed to produce more power using less fuel which means they’re designed to produce more torque efficiently. Torque gives your vehicle’s engine the power it needs to tow, which is why semi-trucks and large trucks run on diesel engines to help them pick up and handle speed while hauling heavy loads. Without torque, a semi couldn’t get going from a dead stop.

Better Resale Value

It might come as a surprise but diesel engines offer a better resale value than gasoline engines and the reason why is simple: They are more fuel-efficient and powerful yet last longer. You get more miles out of a diesel engine, which makes them a hot ticket in used vehicle sales. Their fuel-efficiency rivals that of hybrids, too, which means the diesel of new isn’t as hard on the environment as the diesel of old. These engines are built for value.

United Diesel would be happy to inspect your vehicle to see if a diesel conversion is right for you. Call our Flowery Branch, GA, shop to set up an appointment. We are diesel experts, ready to build, service, and maintain your diesel engine.