The Most Common Diesel Engine Issues

At United Diesel, we know and love our diesel engines. So much so that it is right there in our name. Whether you drive a diesel engine for a personal vehicle, a work vehicle, or you have a fleet of diesel trucks, there are some engine problems that are more common than others. If your diesel engine isn’t performing the way it should, one of these things could be the problem.

Your Engine Oil is Oxidized

If there is one issue that we see more than anything else in diesel issues, it is oxidized engine oil. As well designed as your diesel engine is, it is possible for air to get into your sumps or storage and just stay there. The longer the air is there and the longer the oil is in contact with that air, the more effect it will have on your oil. Oil that has prolonged exposure to oxygen begins to form air bubbles. When this happens your oil is less effective in terms of lubrication which leads to accelerated wear on your engine’s components. The best way to prevent this from happening is with regular oil changes and changing your oil anytime you think it may have air bubbles in it.

Slower Acceleration

The leading causes of slower acceleration are a clogged or dirty fuel filter or a failing catalytic converter. If your engine is also running hot or overheating, your transmission could also be a likely culprit. One of the benefits of a diesel engine is that it amps up your acceleration, so if that isn’t happening it is time to call United Diesel.

Your Engine is Having Trouble Starting

It doesn’t matter what type of engine you drive, you expect it to start when you turn the key. When it comes to diesel engines, if you are having problems starting the most likely reasons are low compression or problem in your fuel delivery system. As soon as you see a problem starting your engine it is imperative that you bring your diesel vehicle to United Diesel in Flowery Branch.

Black Smoke Coming From Your Tailpipe

While it is true that black exhaust smoke and diesel engines go hand in hand, it should only be a limited amount. If you notice an excessive amount of black exhaust smoke it means that the ratio of fuel to air going to your engine is off. When this happens it could be an issue with your air filter, injector pump, or EGR valve.

Anytime your diesel engine is giving you trouble it is best left to the diesel experts at United Diesel. Call us today to schedule your next appointment.

Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay