Top 5 Maintenance Services for Diesel Engines

United Diesel isn’t just here to fix your diesel engine; we’re also here to maintain it. The better you take care of your diesel automobile the better it takes care of you. It’s best to stick to the recommended preventative maintenance schedule listed in your owner’s manual. We bet the following five services will be top on the manufacturer’s list of things to do at specific mileage milestones.

Coolant Replacement

A diesel engine’s coolant can get acidic as it ages. You should keep an eye on your coolant regularly to make sure it hasn’t become too acidic to do its job effectively. We can test the coolant acidity levels for you to determine if your vehicle needs a coolant flush and refill. Acidic coolant will rot your radiator and the rest of the cooling system, so have this done as often as your manufacturer recommends it.

Engine Cleaning

Although they burn fuel more efficiently than gasoline-powered vehicles do, your diesel engine will lose some of that efficiency if it gets dirty. You don’t want dirt and/or grime to build up on your diesel components. Clean air, fuel, and oil are crucial for your diesel vehicle’s overall efficiency, reliability, and lifespan. Regular cleanings prevent this dirt and grime buildup and protect your diesel engine.

Fuel Filter Replacement

Part of keeping your diesel engine clean is replacing the fuel filter every 10,000 to 15,000 miles unless a different duration is recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. If you drive a newer diesel vehicle, you likely have two fuel filters – one is the primary filter and the other is the secondary fuel filter. Both filters should be replaced at the same time to ensure optimal cleaning efficiency.

Air Filter Replacement

Your vehicle’s air filters might not have a mileage milestone associated with their replacement but even if they do, it’s wise to check them regularly just in case they get dirty earlier than expected. You can check the air filters yourself – it’s easy to do – and then bring your vehicle in so we can replace them. We’d be happy to check them regularly, too, if you’d prefer.

Oil Changes

Plan to have your diesel engine’s oil changed every 5,000 miles unless your owner’s manual lists something different. All engines, whether diesel or gasoline, rely on motor oil to protect parts and keep the engine running cooler. If you drive your diesel hard, such as on long hauls or commutes, plan to have the oil changed earlier than 5,000 miles for added protection.

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