Why Is Diesel Fuel Better Than Gasoline?

We’ve talked about the advantages of diesel engines in previous posts and part of why they are better than gasoline engines is their fuel. The quality of the fuel can affect any type of engine’s performance, and diesel fuel proves to be reliable again and again. United Diesel Repair specializes in diesel-powered vehicle maintenance and repair. Why do we think diesels are the way to go? Here are some reasons why diesel fuel is a better choice over gasoline, especially for large trucks and work vehicles.

Cost – in Most Cases

We have to stress in most cases here because diesel fuel is oftentimes more cost-effective, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, gasoline prices plummet below diesel fuel prices, but even then, you still might save money; it depends on how far gas prices drop. Diesel tanks offer drivers more miles per gallon, so if the price of diesel isn’t that much more than gas, you’ll probably still save money in the end.

Torque production isn’t the only reason why you see more diesel engines in large trucks and work vehicles. A full diesel tank will last much longer than a full tank of gasoline, which means you won’t fill up as often. For fleet vehicles in particular, this can really reduce fuel costs and boost the bottom line. If diesel is less expensive to boot, which it often is, you’ve just cut your fuel budget significantly.

Fewer Emissions

It might seem hard to believe that diesel fuel is better for the environment when you see black exhaust coming out of the exhaust pipes but it does release fewer harmful emissions. Yes, diesel fuel has the same harmful substances in it that gasoline does – carbon oxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and sulfur dioxide to name some – but it releases less of them into the environment because of how the engines burn the fuel. It has a higher flammability limit, too.


Finally, diesel is thicker and more oily in its consistency, which means it helps lubricate engine parts just as a vehicle’s motor oil does. This is one reason why diesel engines have a superior lifespan over gasoline engines. They are built to withstand higher temperatures and are lubricated not only by the engine oil but also by the diesel fuel. Lubrication also helps keep the engine cooler, even though it uses excessive heat to operate. 

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