What Makes Diesel Engines Better Than Gasoline Ones?

United Diesel Repair loves all things diesel and with good reason: There are many advantages to diesel engines. What are they, you ask? Keep reading and we’ll tell you why diesel engines remain the go-to choice in other parts of the world and why they are increasing in popularity here in the States.

Fuel Savings

Let’s start at the top with a simple fact every American can appreciate: Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient. This is why they are more popular in Europe. If you’ve been to any major European city, you’ve probably noticed a lot of people walk, bike, ride mopeds, or use public transportation to get where they need to go. This is because in many cities, gasoline can be as much as double per gallon what we pay here in the States. Those who drive prefer diesel engines because the vehicles run on less fuel.

Diesel fuel burns more efficiently than gasoline does, which translates to as much as a 30-percent increase in its fuel economy. In technical terms, diesel fuel is denser, which means it has more useable energy in each gallon than gasoline does. You will get more miles-to-the-gallon out of a full tank of diesel fuel than you will out of a full tank of gasoline, and considering that the two cost almost the same at the pump, it makes sense to realize that 30-percent increase to decrease your monthly fuel bill.

Vehicle Dependability

You will also save money on maintenance with a diesel because they don’t have spark plugs. That’s right. You will never pay for a tune-up again. This doesn’t mean that diesels don’t need maintenance – they do – they just don’t need ignition maintenance. In addition, diesel engines are sturdier and run longer. In fact, diesel cars hold better resale value than gasoline-powered cars because they run much longer. How long? One Mercedes-Benz diesel went a reported 900,000 miles before it finally died.

Greater Power

The driveshaft torque in a diesel engine is more powerful than a gasoline engine which means you’ll get up to speed faster from a stop. This might not be important in a car but it is in a truck, which is why most commercial vehicles are diesel. You might think you’ll kill the environment with a diesel engine but new technology is giving them better carbon footprints with the same torque and they can be as fuel-efficient as a hybrid, which means you won’t make as much of a negative impact as you think you would.

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